5 Tips For Staying On Track Over Winter

I think we can all agree that it’s a lot easier to workout and eat well in the summer, when the sun is shining and the days are longer. If you feel like winter is creeping up on you and you’re worried you’ll fall off track, here are some tips to help you continue smashing those health and fitness goals, in the cold!

Get active indoors

If you’re usually an outdoor exerciser, aim to get active indoors. Indoor options allow you to keep warm inside, you’re less likely to use the excuse of ‘it’s too cold’ and as the mornings/evenings are darker, training indoors may also feel like a safer alternative.

If you prefer to train by yourself, create an at home gym space with some basic equipment. If you’re a social being and enjoy connecting with others, you might like to join a gym, try hot yoga, bowling, dancing or join a team for indoor soccer, netball or cricket. Try out your local indoor swimming pool; if you’re not a great swimmer try some simple aerobics moves in the shallow end.

Rug up

There’s something exhilarating about rugging up and heading out for a power walk, a hike or a run. When we’re dressed for it, then it can still be an enjoyable experience to get the blood pumping. Have your beanie, gloves and thermals handy and know that you have the motivation of a hot shower or warm meal to look forward to when you get back!

Train for an event or join a challenge

Having a specific event or goal to look ahead to can often help keep us focused and motivated to stick to our fitness plan through the cooler months. Check out any up and coming events in your locality, join a monthly challenge or come onboard for a 12WBT Round (one kicks off every month and runs for 12 weeks).

Find a fitness buddy

Invite a friend, a colleague, or your partner to go for a walk with your dogs, a bike ride or even attend a gym class with you. You’ll be less likely to back out on your plans if it means you’ll let your buddy down and it makes a difference when you have an appointment scheduled.

Recharge the batteries

Winter can also be a wonderful time to catch up on sleep and utilise the time to rest and recharge. We live in a time where we’re on the go- go- go and especially in the summer months where we are outdoors more, keeping active, being social and sleeping less. As the evenings grow darker, use this as an excuse to enjoy a hot bath, a herbal tea then climb into bed with a good book. Deep and restful sleep can be replenishing to our energy stores, it also aids in our repair and recovery, keeping those winter bugs at bay.

Weekends can also invite rest so don’t feel guilty for sleeping in, or indulging in an at home hobby that promotes mindfulness. While it can be easier to reach for comfort foods, invest some time in making soul food- yummy soups, stews, casseroles or slow cooker meals. Allow them to simmer away filling the house with delicious smells and it’s a wonderful way to increase your veggies intake.

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