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12WBT Members Secret Tips To Success

It’s no secret that weight loss and muscle gain do not happen overnight, but they DO happen eventually, with a positive mindset and some serious determination. So if you’re looking for a little motivation, we’ve got your back! We asked a few of our 12WBTer’s to share their secret tips to success that have helped them on their health and wellness journey.

You never know, it might be just the thing you need to get you through your next training session or to strike up the willpower to set your next set of goals.

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One thing I have learnt during 12WBT is to be kind to yourself. It is important to note that there are so many variables (age and stage of life, goals, fitness level, recovering from injury/illness etc) and each 12WBT member’s story is unique. Try not to compare yourself to others. My secret tip to success is to focus on what YOU are doing and not anyone else.

Also make sure you take the before photo and resist the urge to hide under loose clothing. The before photo can be an empowering tool – solid evidence of where you started and how far you have progressed.

Lastly, be consistent! Keep following the meal and exercise plans, try going to bed at the same time each night, continue to diarise each week (e.g. when and where you will exercise, upcoming events etc), and meal prep in advance when possible. Consistency in planning and performance is your key to overcome potential hurdles and achieve your goals”.


“My secret tip to success is realising that you’re going to have bad days, that’s a given. It’s what you do after that makes a difference. I also wish someone had told me that I was worthy of being happy and healthy, and that your past doesn’t define you, the future does.

Remember, you are so much more capable than you think and you can achieve great things. Stop making excuses and just go for it! It’s a marathon not a sprint, so don’t sweat the small stuff, just freaking do it!”


“The secret tip to success that has helped me the most on my 12WBT journey is the importance of being organised and prepping meals / snacks in advance. As a nurse working night shift this has been a real benefit! Since I have started doing this I have stayed away from takeaway meals loaded with artificial sugars and fats and saved some money!

My priorities have changed as well – I am more focused on building healthy habits for life than fixating on a number on a scale. I feel better, stronger and fitter and I now acknowledge that my journey is different from others and that is okay. Get out of your head and embrace the journey! There is more to gain than just a drop in number on the scale. Being consistent, prepared and positive is definitely key. Acknowledge your slip ups, own them and move on.”


“My (not-so) secret tip to success is to track every single thing you eat and drink. If you mess up and over eat on any given day, get straight back on track that night or the next day.

The most valuable tool in regard to losing weight was the MB mindset video the ‘Motivation Myth’. The content of this video really flicked the switch in my head. The word ‘consistency’ is my mantra.

If you’re angry and miserable about your weight, do something about it. Seek help and knowledge from the experts in regard to how to lose weight. Be kind to yourself on your weight loss journey, and above all stay calm and be patient with yourself. Don’t see not being able to over eat or eat what you want as a punishment. Rather, see it as you giving yourself the opportunity to receive far greater rewards for all your efforts and decisions along the way”.

Thanks ladies! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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