How Many Calories in a Gin & Tonic?

Do you know how many calories are in your favourite alcoholic drink? It might surprise you!

The Classic Gin & Tonic

For those of us who enjoy a tipple, the classic gin and tonic is a popular beverage across Oz – and the world! The refreshing taste of gin combined with the crisp, slightly bitter tonic makes for a delicious drink.

How Many Calories in a Gin & Tonic?

Gin and Tonic contains 200 calories for a 30ml pour of gin and 250ml of tonic water. But isn’t tonic simply water, you say? It’s a common misconception, but tonic water is actually a soft drink that contains sugar. Check out how much exercise you need to do to burn off the calories of other popular alcoholic drinks – and that G&T.

Gin With a 12WBT Twist

The classic G&T can sometimes get a little dull. Want to spice things up? Try our Free Gin, Ginger & Lime Spritzer Cocktail recipe.

This cocktails is perfect for a special occasion – just be careful to enjoy it in moderation and remember, there are STILL calories in this yummy cocktail (but a little less at 114!). As always, we recommend drinking responsibly.

Better yet, why not opt for a low in sugar mocktail?

Calories in Alcohol

Want to know how many calories are in other alcoholic drinks? A couple of glasses of wine or beer with dinner or a night out with cocktails can quickly add up, so be sure you know exactly how many calories you’re drinking.

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