How Many Calories Are in Your Favourite Coffee?

I want you to think about the last coffee you enjoyed. Delicious? Soothing? Requires a 30-minute run to burn it off? WHAT?!

That’s right, your daily ritual of two cups before lunch could amount to a whopping 630 calories! When it comes to calories in coffee, the brew you choose takes a lot to burn.

We’ve tallied the number of calories hidden in eight popular coffees – and compared the amount of calories in skim milk vs. full cream milk. So before you have your new coffee, check below!

Coffee calories with skim or no milk, per serve

  1. Espresso: 1 calorie
  2. Long Black: 3 calories
  3. Piccolo Latte: 26 calories
  4. Cappuccino: 68 calories
  5. Flat White: 68 calories
  6. Chai Latte: 127 calories
  7. Mocha: 164 calories

Coffee calories with full-cream milk, per serve:

  1. Espresso: 1 calorie
  2. Long Black: 3 calories
  3. Piccolo Latte:46 calories
  4. Cappuccino: 134 calories
  5. Flat White: 155 calories
  6. Chai Latte: 224 calories
  7. Mocha: 394 calories

The big offenders

The monster of all coffees is the mocha, which contains 394 calories in a regular cup – with full-cream milk – and would take over 30 minutes of running to burn it off. So don’t bother with the Choco Mocha!

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An Iced Coffee with full-cream milk has the second highest amount of calories, with 249 and will set you back around 25 minutes of pounding the pavement.

If you want a coffee hit without the calories then grab an Espresso, which has only one calorie per regular cup. A Long Black will only set you back three calories, while a Piccolo Latte with full-cream milk contains 46 Calories.

Crave better coffee

Most people need a coffee pick-me-up at some point in their day (especially if you’re up at the crack of dawn to smash out a workout). But this beloved beverage has some hidden calories! So take note…keeping note on the number of calories in your brew is important – and can seriously add up.

3 tips for cutting down on excess coffee calories

  1. Choose a small serve.
  2. Go skinny – skimmed milk has roughly half the calories of full-cream milk.
  3. Say “no” to extras – avoid adding sugar, whipped cream or shots of syrup.

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67 thoughts on “How Many Calories Are in Your Favourite Coffee?

  1. Hi! Please tell me the exact amount of sugar and milk in one cup coffee normal ? Thanks

    1. Hi Shamila – That is all dependent on how you make your coffee. Some people choose to have milk and sugar, and some people don’t. If you are wanting to find out the finer details of how your coffee stacks up calorie-wise, I would suggest doing a check at

      Hope this helps!

      12WBT Support Crew

  2. I always love my coffee cant get the through the day without having one. After reading this info I have definitely changed my coffee habits. I know make skim milk cappuccino without any sugar or whipped cream and I am still enjoying it 🙂

  3. Does anyone know how many calories are in a Muzz Buzz tall skim flat white?

  4. I cut out the latte’s almost 3 years ago due to the high milk content causing bloat not to mention the added calories that I could well do without. Not being a fan of black coffee I switched to a weak long black with a side of skim milk. I still get to enjoy great coffee but without the calorie hit.

  5. Hi, I was actually just wanting to know how a long black has 3 calories when an espresso shot has 1 calorie. A long black is just an espresso shot with hot water added. To my knowledge hot water doesn’t contain any calories ??

    1. Hi Susie – According to NUTTAB and Calorie King, an espresso ‘shot’ can be anywhere from 1- 1.25 ounces for a single and double that for a double. If we rounded down the espresso (single) to 1 calorie but the long black was a typical large size (i.e 2 shots) then it would be rounded up to 3 calories.

      Hope that helps!

      12WBT Support Crew

  6. Hi Michelle,

    Would a small skim Mocha have the same amount of Calories as the white choc Mocha.

    Thanks for the info

    1. Hi Pamela – A small skim mocha and a white choc mocha can vary in calories from shop to shop. Whether the milk is full cream or if additional chocolate or cream has been added can vary the total calorie count. Either way, both of these options should not be consumed every day as your ‘go to’ coffee as they are highly sweetened with chocolate syrups or powders.

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  7. Hi

    What your view on A2 milk? I was advised by a nutritionist that A2 milk is the best way to go


    1. Hi Candice – A2 milk is cow’s milk that contains only the A2 type of beta-casein protein rather than the more common A1 protein commonly found in regular milk. It is tolerated quite well by people who experience discomfort from regular milk, so if that’s you, it’s a great choice!

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  8. Every day I either have a latte with full cream milk or instant coffee with pouring cream. Both are delicious and filling and don’t make me fat. Fat is my friend and sugar/carbs are the enemy!

  9. Like Bec above (27/04/2015) I too am curious about the reason for the difference in listed calories between a short and long black.

  10. Interesting facts about calories in coffee. I used to drink coffee & tea with skim milk and sugar. I would have a few cups a day, how many calories would I have consumed daily, wouldn’t like to think. I visited China and tried many teas and now only drink green tea. So much easier, don’t miss the sugar.

  11. I don’t drink coffee but enjoy a skim chai latte or a skim hot chocolate. I have found it very hard to find the calories for skim hot chocolates! Can you tell me which is best please?

    1. Hi Fiona – This will vary a lot as it depends on the chai (powder, syrup, brewed tea) and chocolate (syrup or powder) used.. and the quantity used. As a general rule, a small, skim chai latte or hot chocolate (they are quite similar in terms of energy), will provide 140 calories. Be sure to skip any added sugar or marshmallows!

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  12. I’m wondering if coffee somehow interferes with any other metabolic factors [i.e. hinders weight loss]? I’ve reduced to mostly longblack coffee and the occasional small skim milk [yes and I agree that one never knows if this request is followed]….and occasionally when blood sugar is low I add one teaspoon of sugar [trying not to do this]. I’m having a hot chocolate when I feel like cheese and biscuits ….this seems to be working. I will work on that one.

    1. Hi Jenny – There is no research to suggest that a small amount of coffee per day interferes with weight loss. Long blacks and skim lattes are a great choice – if you ask for skim milk, that’s what you should get at a cafe! If you’re feeling like your blood sugar is a bit low, instead of adding sugar to your coffee, try eating something small but nutritious. For example, a piece of fruit, some dried fruit, rice cakes with natural peanut butter, etc. Enjoy this with your coffee so you’re getting your caffeine and sugar hit, along with a bunch of other nutrients. Count the calories towards your daily allowance and you’ll be right on track.

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  13. My soy flat white was something I did not WANT to give up doing the 12WBT for the first time recently. I learn pretty quickly to only ever order a small size, I limited it to 1 sugar and had those calories instead of a morning snack. I feel that it made a huge difference to my weight loss journey as I now consistently have a good breakfast, coffee mid morn and wait it out until I can enjoy my lunch. Then it’s water all the way after that…

  14. Definitely will be changing my coffee – I always use skim milk however can see that I can reduce my calories even further by making smarter decisions – thanks Michelle

  15. What about if you use a 2% fat milk? I use heart active because i hate the taste of skim milk if im at home. Also what about instant coffee?

    1. Hi Samar – Low fat (1-2%) milk is perfectly fine to use. As a general guide, it will provide 50 calories per 100ml. Coffee by itself does not provide any calories so you just need to account for any milk or sugar you add to your instant coffee. A ‘dash’ of low fat milk will provide 10-15 calories. Enjoy!

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  16. Honestly, it gobsmacks me that people still need to be told that a milky, sugary, syrupy, creamy drink has a bucket load of calories…no wonder we have an obesity crisis.

  17. I’m a coffee addict, happy to know my skim milk choice in my flat white is calorie sensible

  18. I made the change to half strength skinny just after starting on the 12wbt program 2 years ago. I love my cappuccino, but limit it to one a day, but not every day. I do like a hot chocolate in the evening too but again its made with low fat milk. I find this is good after a pool session and helps with some of the cravings. I drink mainly water through the day and instead of a glasses of water, have a cups of hot water, then if its left on my desk and goes cold, it just doesn’t matter. Nothing worse than a cold cup of tea or water.

  19. Hi, I don’t drink coffee but love a cup of tea. How many calories are in an average size cup with light milk and one (raw) sugar?

    1. Hi Lou,

      Tea by itself does not contain any calories so you just need to account for the milk and sugar you add. One sugar provides 20 calories and a ‘dash’ of skim milk provides 10-20 calories. Enjoy!

  20. The author of this article is aware that one needs calories to live, yes? One doesn’t have to ‘burn off’ everything one eats; our bodies ‘burn off’ calories merely by being alive.
    Encourage exercise to feel well and improve cardiovascular fitness, by all means, but don’t perpetuate the myth that every ingested calorie is somehow ‘bad’ and in need of being ‘burned off’.

    1. Oh so true! Thank you. If you crave a 160 cal iced coffee, but otherwise eat reasonably healthy I say go for it. Life is too short! Also, most people don;t need to drastically cut to 1200 cals a day to lose weight. My BMR is around 1400, so 1200 is less than I would need to fuel my body if I was in a coma!

  21. There seems to be so many varying calorie measurements for a small caffe latte on different calorie counting apps, makes things tricky. One ccriticism of the information above is that you’d have to be pretty stupid not to realise that a white chocolate mocha was high in calories, I wouldn’t count it as a coffee, it’s a super sweet milkshake with a dash of coffee.

  22. its not rocket science hey!
    Unless you order black coffee you are being served a cup of hot milk with coffee flavouring.
    All very 1st world problem.
    I order a long black with some whole milk added.
    I use whole milk because I’m a bit a bit OCD about the rubbish that’s done to the nutritional value of the milk to make it skim.

  23. My favorite is cappuccino with a dash of cinnamon instead of sugar/choc powder, seems to give a slight chai taste without the excessive sweetness.

  24. Hi! Just wondering about coconut milk? I’m part way converted using this in my cappuccino as I have concerns about effects on the body in using cow’s milk, and did this after consulting a naturopath. I’ve seen the benefits in my body by at least reducing my cow’s milk intake, and am starting to believe the theory that cow’s milk is made up of things that make a baby cow into a full size cow so human consumption is best to be kept to a minimum. Some people claim coconut milk is too fatty. Interested in your thoughts. I know there are many differing opinions out there!

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Coconut is one of the many alternatives to cow’s milk. It is slightly higher in saturated fat then other alternatives (e.g. soy, almond, etc.) and doesn’t contain a lot of protein calcium. For this reason, we’d suggest using CALCIUM FORTIFIED soy or almond milk. Variety is the key to good health so feel free to mix things up – coconut milk in your cappuccino and soy/almond milk everywhere else?

  25. Thanks for the great info. I was only thinking about this a few days ago.
    A barista recently made me a latte with a ristretto shot (restricted) which isn’t as bitter so I no longer need to add any sugar to my coffee…very happy with that 🙂
    Also what calories does a Soy Latte have?
    Thanks, Jan

  26. Hi, I’ve been trying almond milk recently and have replaced my small skinny cap each morning with a almond milk latte as I thought this was a healthier option. How does this compare?

    1. Hi Cathy. Almond milk is a great alternative however, it does not contain a lot of protein. If it’s not fortified, it also contains very little calcium. if you’re wanting to avoid dairy, try soy milk, as this is higher in protein. Variety is the way to go. 🙂

      12WBT Support Crew Dietitian

  27. Hi There,

    Thanks so much for this info. I am wondering how many calories there are in a large skim mocha? Approximately 330ml? I get really hungry after exercise and love a coffee so am trying to weigh up whether it would be better to have a large full cream cap or a mocha?

    Many thanks,


  28. I’m intrigued that according to the infographic an espresso has 1 calorie, but a long black has 3 calories. A regular long black is an espresso (single shot) with hot water. I wonder where extra 2 calories are coming from.

  29. I did Michelle Bridges a couple of years ago and was mortified at the calories in my morning café coffee. As a coffee snob I weighed up what meant more to me, my morning café coffee or proper food. Instant coffee was introduced and more food in my diet won. It’s totally up to the individual but I find now even 2 years on that it should not have even been a hard decision as most of the time I now happily have an earl grey when at cafe’s. As with everything, its breaking the habit.

    1. No real coffee snob would switch to instant 🙂 rather a 1 cal short black!

    1. Hi Felicity.

      It all depends on the size of your coffee and how much milk you are adding to it. As a guide 100ml of regular full fat milk contains around 68 calories and skim milk has around 34 calories per 100ml.

      Chantelle Curtis-Latchford
      12WBT Dietitian and Nutrition Content Writer

  30. Hi Chantelle
    I have a Nespresso machine… So how would a 110ml shot of coffee (from one of the capsules) do, with about 125ml of skim milk? Thanks

    1. Hi Bridget,

      Plain coffee consists of only coffee bean extract and water so the calories are very minimal. The calories in a coffee are mainly from additions like milk and sugars. 125ml of skim milk has around 42 calories.

      Chantelle Curtis-Latchford
      12WBT Dietitian and Nutrition Content Writer

  31. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me, I’ve been trying to find which is better (I know no sugar is best – I’m aiming for that eventually). I alternate between a small skinny latte with one sugar and a small skinny caramel latte. Which of the two options have a lower calorie count?

    1. Hi Bronwyn,

      A small skinny latte is your best choice as the added sugars in the caramel syrup will add extra calories and sweetness. It really depends how much syrup is added to your latte. Try slowly decreasing the sugar you add to your small skinny latte, your taste buds will slowly adjust to the difference in sweetness.

      Chantelle Curtis-Latchford
      12WBT Dietitian and Nutrition Content Writer

  32. Hi, thanks for this info. Do you know how many calories are in soy milk? Thanks

    1. Hi Melissa,

      As a guide regular soy milk has around 59 calories per 100ml, regular full fat milk contains around 68 calories per 100ml and skim milk has around 34 calories per 100ml. Just remember to check the nutrition label of products as it can vary between different brands.

      Chantelle Curtis-Latchford
      12WBT Dietitian and Nutrition Content Writer

  33. I used to order a flat white with one sugar. Now I order a skinny flat white (skim). The first skinny flat white tasted awful so I avoided having a coffee when I was out. After a couple of weeks with little or no sweeteners in my diet, I can really taste the sweetness in the skim milk and Im back to enjoying a coffee when Im out.

  34. So…I’m lactose intolerant. .my cuppa usually is Medium Soy Latte..My fitness pal says. .Gloria Jean ..106 cals that right????

    1. Hi Donna,

      My Fitness Pal is very convenient when looking up branded products. Most large retailers also provide the nutrition information of their products on their website. According to Gloria Jeans a regular soy caffe latte contains 108 calories.

      Chantelle Curtis-Latchford
      12WBT Dietitian and Nutrition Content Writer

  35. At home I have a COLD black coffee with 1-2 artificial sweetener’s (hermesetas). How many calories are in each cup?? One cup (in a traveller mug) that goes back into the fridge after a few sips lasts me nearly all day. Sometimes in a 24 hr period I have a maximum of 3 cups. How many calories am I consuming and how long would I have to run to work it off??

  36. I usually have a soy latte (admittedly with a shot of caramel syrup). How many calories are in just a normal soy latte WITHOUT the syrup??

    1. Hi Kim,

      It depends on where you are getting your coffee from or how you are making it and the size of the cup. Larger coffee shops list the calories or kilojoules of a serve next to each option. Regular soy milk has around 59 calories per 100ml, regular full fat milk contains around 68 calories per 100ml and skim milk has around 34 calories per 100ml.

      Chantelle Curtis-Latchford
      12WBT Dietitian and Nutrition Content Writer

  37. you also need to watch, and ask, a lot of them call it skinny but use low fat not skim.

  38. I’m super confused about milk! I’ve always drunk skim milk but recently have switched over to organic full cream as I’ve been led to believe skim milk is bad as it contains too much sugar. I understand skim has fewer calories but is it better to have say a full cream piccolo than a skim latte….help what should I do??

    1. Hi Su,

      Unflavoured milk only contains the naturally occurring sugar in milk, lactose. There is very little difference in the sugar content of full cream and skim milk, the major difference is the fat content of the milk. It is up to you to decide which coffee option is for you based on your own preferences, just remember to count the calories and not to go overboard.

      Chantelle Curtis-Latchford
      12WBT Dietitian and Nutrition Content Writer

  39. Interesting that a cappuccino has fewer calories than a flatwhite, considering cappuccino has chocolate on top and usually served in a bigger cup.. Meaning more milk.?!?!?
    I find a good way to cut back on the milky coffee is to order a long black with side of milk, not quite the same consistency as the frothed milk but way less calories 🙂

    1. cappucino is 1/3 milk, vs flat white which is 2/3 milk therefore more calories

  40. This was a big thing I learnt when I did Michelle Bridges program was drinks do count. For me I sometimes really needed my coffee so I cut back on cal somewhere else. My mum was shocked to see how many cal was in a Milo.

  41. I have instant coffee with milk- 10 calories
    or a homemade nespresso with skinny milk- 100 claories

  42. Hmm these are very interesting fact about the coffee’s calories and that mean I usually drink the regular black coffee so I need a 10 min walk for maintain my calories for my body.

  43. how many mls (approx) would a small coffee be? I usually drink a small skim flat white no sugar, which seems to be the best of the milky varieties anyway, but when I add to MyFitnessPal it says a small is 250ml and is 120 calories, which is almost double what your infographic says! Obviously I want to be tracking properly, can you give some advice?

    1. Hi Breanna,

      It depends on where you are getting your coffee from and the size. A small at one place may not equate to a small at another outlet.
      Other bits & pieces to consider are what is put on top – is it just small shakes of cocoa powder, is it sweetened chocolate or is at actually grated chocolate &/or chocolate powder?
      Some coffee beans are also percolated with some sugar- believe it or not! We calculated the calories based on 1 shot of coffee (30ml) and 200ml of skim milk with 0.5g cocoa. Keep up the good work.

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