Our Awesome August End of Round Winners

Our August End of Round winners are a bunch of legends! Throughout the twelve weeks they gave it their all, and shown consistency, dedication and commitment – the tools for serious success. Well done, you’re an inspiration!

12WBT Heroes

Samantha (aka samantha_enchant89)


On days that I couldn’t complete a full Workout Video, I would take my boy for a walk in the pram for an hour, then when he was napping I would complete an Express Workout to burn off those extra calories. Sometimes, on the days when I didn’t have chores (do they exist?!) I would do a full workout!

Jenni (aka JenniH)


I have better self esteem, I am happier, I am no longer embarrassed by the way I look, and I have started to enjoy clothes shopping again. I have become very organised – shopping on Thursday evening, cooking on Friday evening, boxing up my breakfasts for the week every Sunday – that way all I have to do during the week is pull my food out of the fridge. 

Angela (aka angela_good65)


I find myself able to look into the mirror and feel proud of the person I see.  I have more self esteem in going to the gym and not judging myself in how I look.  I have a lot more willpower and determination and the ability to turn back food that I should not be eating, and snacking all the time on junk food.

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Kate (aka Katiecat)


I am thrilled to be able to run! Now that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to be a runner, but it is amazing to me that I can actually do it. In the Beginner Program over the last 12 weeks, I ran farther than I have run since cross country in high school! Maybe Learn to Run is my next challenge…

Shannon (aka shannon_exquisite15)


I have always been an active and fit person, and after my pregnancy I felt so unhealthy and not myself. I have so much more confidence! After having a baby it can knock you about… I actually feel the strongest I have ever felt both mentally and physically. Start now! You will thank yourself 12 weeks from now!


Jenny (aka jenny_celebrate66)


I realised from the very beginning of 12WBT that one of the main keys to success was to be organised with my meals.  I used to shop whenever I needed stuff, but now I shop every Sunday morning and ONLY buy the food that is on the Shopping List.  I check my Meal Plan each evening before bed, making sure I have my head around tomorrow’s food.

Anne (aka anne_diligent20)


I never really understood how important it is to drink water. I now fill a two litre jug first thing in the morning and usually drink even more. Portion sizes are critical, as are snack foods. Gone are the crumpets with butter. Fruit and yogurt are so much tastier.

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Sandy (aka sandysweightlossjourney)


Nothing else has ever worked for me. The 12WBT recipes are nothing shorty of amazing, and every aspect of the program just works for me and so many others. My daughter comments on how I’ve changed and how she can hug me and wrap her arms around me now. She often tells me how much happier I am, and that gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling! Hearing these little positives from my girls make it all worthwhile!

David (aka erebus)


In Pre-Season I made the commitment to follow the plan absolutely. I realised that the things I had been doing weren’t working. My progress week-to-week on 12WBT has shown me that the program works, and I was proud that I stuck to it even during a few of the middle weeks where my weight plateaued and I got a bit disappointed. I always joke that if I step out of line with the meal or Exercise Plans that Michelle will find out and come to my place and kick my butt! It has been surprisingly effective at keeping me disciplined!

Chantelle (aka chantell77)


I’m now shopping with my Shopping List and stick to the weekly Meal Plans. I’m so proud of my amazing body and the inner strength that I’ve developed throughout my journey. I’m the fit and healthy mum that I’ve always wanted to be!

Our next 12WBT Round kicks off December 11 – we’d love to have you on the team! Join now.

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