A GP’s 12WBT Journey – Six Rounds And Two Marathons!

In 2012, 12WBTer Corina wanted to change her life for the better. Four years later and she’s six rounds down – and counting! Read her inspirational 12WBT journey.

Corina’s 12WBT Story

I’m a 12WBT frequent flier, having completed my sixth round so far. The 12WBT lifestyle began in 2012 when I signed up for the Half Marathon program. Since then I have done one round of Lean and Strong, two further Half Marathon rounds and two Marathon rounds!

Why I Joined 12WBT

The initial decision to sign up for 12WBT was an interesting one. It was 2012 and I was in an unhappy relationship and under enormous stress studying for my GP Fellowship Exams. These are the final exams that grant a doctor specialist recognition as a GP. I’ve always loved to run, and running for me represents far more than the physical act of putting one foot in front of the other. At many times in my life it has given me the space and the courage to continue putting one foot in front of the other, figuratively, in other areas of my life. Running is my time to reflect. It is meditation in motion.

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I’ve Now Completed Two Marathons!

I thought a half marathon was a lofty goal and the longest distance I’d raced previously was the City to Surf! I felt that I needed something else to focus on other than the life stressors I was facing and so, I joined 12WBT. I followed the program to the letter and experienced enormous benefits in my mind, body and soul. I was getting a little bit of myself back and that effect was cumulative as the weeks rolled on. The 12WBT Half Marathon program in 2012 gave me all the tools I needed to run my fastest ever half marathon. I’ve then gone on to complete another few half marathons, a half ironman and two marathons. Thanks to 12WBT I felt very prepared for each race and recovered well.

The Importance of Mindset

The concept of 12WBT is so strong. Mindset is key. 12WBT helped me to feel strong in body and mind. I believe that my journey in 2012 gave me courage and helped me to come to the realisation that I was not living my best life and deserved more. I was brave enough to end that relationship and the end of 2012 saw me embarking on a fresh start, having passed my GP exams. 12WBT helped foster a fearless self belief that I can do anything!

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What Sets 12WBT Apart

There are a number of things that set 12WBT apart from other programs. When it comes to behaviour modification and making enduring changes, mindset is where the magic happens. The camaraderie in the Member Zone plays a huge part in the success of the program. As I’ve heard Mish say on a number of occasions, “Losing weight is science. Keeping it off is mindset”. I’ve seen many times in my clinical practice as a GP, those who make enduring lifestyle changes are those who set achievable goals, are willing to face the music and are realistic about where the wheels fall off in their attempts to live a healthy life. A nutrition and exercise program without mindset is like an orchestra with no conductor. You’ve got the tools you need, but no one to help you create the music!

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