I Lost 20kg on 12WBT and Got My Life Back

Kay, a busy mum with a lot going on in her life, is a wonderful example of how 12WBT can help to totally reshape your life!

Kay lost a phenomenal 20kg with my program, and in the process got her life back! I sat down with Kay and asked her about her journey: the good, the bad, and the unexpected.

When did you realise something had to change?

I started to have some health issues like heartburn, reflux and lots of excess weight around my middle. Nothing fit me and I was desperately unhappy with the “rut” my life was in. My body was an outward picture of how unhappy I was inside.

List some of your biggest achievements with 12WBT

  • I have totally transformed my health and fitness
  • I have lost 20kgs and am now at a healthy BMI
  • I run up stairs and enjoy it!
  • My skin is clear and my eyes are bright
  • I have never felt this strong
  • I sleep better and deal with stress a lot better
  • At 52, I am living proof you can lose weight and get fit despite perimenopause


How have your daily habits changed?

My old routine was totally different to what it is now. I would usually never eat breakfast, or if I did it would only be a cup of tea with milk, or an egg.

I now wake up in the morning and enjoy one of my go-to favourite breakfasts with green tea: banana on toast with ricotta and cinnamon or the apple cinnamon couscous.

My morning routine has had an overhaul, I wake earlier and smash out my workout (JFDI!). Choosing what to wear is easy and quick because everything fits me now! I feel stronger, energised and happier in myself.

What was your biggest hurdle, and how did you conquer it?

One of my biggest hurdles was learning not to eat the kids leftovers from their meals. I now get the kids to scrape and rinse their own plate once they’ve finished eating.

What little quirks helped you through along the way?

  • Peppermint tea after dinner each night
  • I have T2 liquorice legs when I feel like a little sweet treat
  • 70% Lindt dark chocolate is also good to keep in the fridge for those sweet craving emergencies!

How has your household changed since starting 12WBT?

  • We now enjoy our meals at the table together
  • The kids respect my 1 hour each day to exercise – they say “Mum you go and do your 12WBT” and sometimes they will join me
  • Junk food is absolutely gone from the cupboard
  • The kids are actively involved in meal prep and designing our Meal Plan for the week
  • Living by the 12WBT Meal Plans has cut my food bill in half and the extra money I put away each fortnight I am going to use to buy a treadmill

What are the three biggest lessons you’ve learnt by doing 12WBT?

  1. I can do whatever I put my mind to
  2. I deserve to live a fantastic life in a healthy way
  3. I am in total control of the choices I make, no one else

What would you say to your past self?

People always ask me now if it was easy. My answer to them is this: if you truly want it, it is. Be prepared to embrace the changes and do it for YOU. Stop overthinking and just start.

Living positively and healthily is so visible to others and soon you’ll have people asking, “You look great! What are you doing?”

My next 12WBT round starts soon! To start your own journey, click here.

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