Angela’s Success Story: “I changed the shape of my post-baby body”

Name: Angela

Current Round: Lean & Strong

Number of Rounds: 1

After giving birth to her second baby, Angela was committed to lose her baby weight. By following healthy recipes and going to the gym, she was able to lose weight over 12 months, but over time she noticed old habits were creeping back in, like ordering takeaway instead of cooking healthy meals. “I needed another challenge because I didn’t want to plateau or fall back into old habits,” she says.

Shape-Changing with Workouts

Angela (right) with friends before beginning her journey
Angela (right) with friends before beginning her journey

“My motivation to sign up for 12WBT wasn’t weight loss, it was about setting another goal,” says Angela, 37. “I chose the Lean & Strong Program, because I loved BodyPump and lifting weights as well as running.”

Now in the 11th week of her first Round, she says: “I get cardio benefits through my workouts, and I’ve actually changed the shape of my body. Rather than just losing weight, I’ve become more toned and stronger.

“I also have the confidence now to lift weights that I never thought I’d be able to without ending up looking like a bodybuilder. That’s one lesson I’ve learnt – I can trust in myself and my body and it’s always going to do exactly what I ask of it.”

Another bonus is that Angela is stronger around the home. “Doing 12WBT has helped me with the kids,” she says. “I didn’t have as much energy before, but now I can keep up and even lift them if I need to.”

The 12WBT menu is like eating at a restaurant

Angela and her husband
Angela and her husband

“The bonus for signing up with 12WBT has been that I’ve lost another 3kg and have just 600g to go until I reach my ideal weight – although I don’t know how, because you never feel like you’re starving yourself!

“I absolutely love the 12WBT menus,” Angela adds. “From Michelle’s recipes I learnt how to substitute ingredients and try new things. One of my breakfasts was bread with cottage cheese, banana and walnuts. I’d never have had that before!

“Because the recipes are for two, I cook them for my husband and I. We’ve tried so many that he says it’s like eating out a restaurant. Even for Saturday’s treat meals we find something on the Program like a curry or something we don’t normally have during the week and cook it up. My husband even stopped taking vitamin tablets because he says he’s getting a whole range of food now.”

Kangaroo is on the menu!

“I’d never cooked with kangaroo before. I even use it in the kids’ spaghetti bolognese and now they’ll only eat kangaroo sausages.”

Keep weight off by doing what you love

“The key is that the Program allows me to do things that bring me the most joy – weight-lifting, going to the gym and doing gym classes.

“The only way to keep weight off and stay challenged is to harness a love for what you’re doing and make it part of your day rather than a chore. It’s not: ‘Oh, I have to go to the gym now.’ It’s more like: ‘Okay, time for the gym. This is my time!’ That’s important when you have kids.”

Staying motivated with the 12WBT forums

Angela has signed up for another round of Lean & Strong and finds inspiration by talking to others doing the Program. “I’m active in the Forum for Lean & Strong because it makes me feel involved, there’s a community and you get to share what you’ve been doing with others,” she says.

“We women often don’t feel comfortable flaunting our achievements – we’re taught to play them down. But I’ve enjoyed being able to go: ‘Hey, I did this today!’ And everyone’s like: ‘That’s fantastic!’ You don’t feel silly for putting it out there that you’ve had some sort of great achievement.”

Learn more about how 12WBT can help with post pregnancy weight loss and join our June Round and reach your goals just like Angela! 

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