Our Unstoppable October Round Winners

Another round, another bunch of 12WBT legends! Congratulations to everyone who gave their all and smashed our October Round, and an extra huge high five to our award winners. You’re an inspiration!

12WBT Heroes

Sandy (aka sandysweightlossjourney)


After three consecutive rounds of 12WBT I have lost 52kg and have lost a massive 168cm from my body! I’ve gone from a very tight size 26 to a size 12. My fitness score has gone from 0 to 74 in just three rounds.  My advice? What are you waiting for? Make it count and start your journey now, because in just 12 short weeks you can transform your body and mind!

Vivienne (aka vivienne_inspired66)


I feel so much better than I did 12 months ago when I first signed up. Not just weight wise, my fitness and mental health is so much better. Here’s what you get when you sign up to 12WBT! I am so much more confident about getting photos taken.  Usually I hide in the back row.  I think I smile more in photos now!

Catherine (aka catherine_wonderment83)


After suffering breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago and putting on a large amount weight during treatment I never thought that I could look and feel as great as I do today. I’ve lost 36.1kg since February 2016, my BMI has gone down from 37.8 (obese range) to 24.1 (healthy range). Calculate your BMI with our handy tool. I’ve lost 128cm off my whole body and my fitness level has increased from 34 to 75!

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Sandi (aka sandi_notice29)


Getting back into shape after baby #4 and at age 40 is no mean feat! I have not only managed to lose the weight but to gain definition and tone. I have triceps my brother was jealous of! I love to sleep but I made a deal with myself that if I was going to commit to 12WBT I had to get up at 5 am every morning to go to the gym – and I stuck to it, day in and day out!

12WBT Transformers

Sandra (aka sandra_joy32)


I wanted to lose weight after breaking my arm mid last year. I bought some new scales, stood on them and promptly returned them, asking for a refund as I thought they were faulty when they read 75kg! They weren’t lying, I was – to myself. 11 weeks into October Round, I have lost 10kg and 39cm, not including the fat lost from my face, neck, feet, wrists and hands – I am stunned!

Phil (aka phil_mission68)


I’m halfway to my goal which hopefully I will achieve by the end of next round. I go to the gym five days a week – kind of addicted to that now and getting a lot stronger! Showing my kids a healthy way to live is important.

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Angela (aka angie_lo_faro)


I am so proud of my weight loss. I have dropped two dress sizes. I have mastered healthy eating. I used to be an excuse maker, always “too busy”. Now my thoughts are JFDI. Give it a go. Do your best!

Maria (aka maria_bac)


I am proud that I have lost weight, and how easy it was. I am also proud that I am running – I haven’t been able to run for 10 years. Join our 12WBT Learn to Run program to train to run 5kms in 12 weeks in 2017! 12WBT has changed me – inside and out! I feel better, I look better, I eat better and am never turning back!

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Marian (aka madebymarian)


I never imagined I would gain so much energy! I now look in the mirror and am happy with what I see. Exercise is now a habit, and meal planning and portion control have become so normal that I can’t remember what life was like before. I do a weekly shop with my 12WBT Shopping Lists, and use Woolworths online when I feel pressed for time.

Megan (aka megan_119)


I’m really happy with my discipline in regards to snacks and alcohol this round – especially during the Silly Season. To go almost two months without drinking, and then to keep the drinks to a healthy amount over Christmas is something I’m very proud of.

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