12WBT Daily – Introducing our Brand New Fitness App for iPhone

We are SO excited to announce our brand new iPhone app – 12WBT Daily.

12WBT Daily is about to take your transformation to a whole new level. It’s the perfect companion to your 12WBT program: view your day’s Exercise and Meal Plans, and track your food, workouts, sleep and mood with a single tap. Plus, the guided workouts mean you’ll have a personal trainer on hand, anywhere, anytime. Now you’ll have one less excuse not to stick with your 12WBT program.

What’s So Great About 12WBT Daily?

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Naturally, we’ve tested the app over and over again to ensure it does everything we want in order to make our Members happy. Here’s what some of the 12WBT team have to say about their favourite features.

Tessie Teoh“I wanted 12WBT Daily to be simple, delightful and easy to use so that our Members can stay on track and enjoy being successful. It was a real labour of love and we involved our Members in the design every step of the way to make sure that we were on track in meeting their needs. My favourite part of the app is the Daily View, which shows you everything you need for the day so you don’t have to think – just do!” – Tessie Teoh, User Experience Designer

Dan Swanbury



“I obviously love the Workout Player in the new 12WBT Daily App because it’s an industry-leading feature and my team put so much work into it. It’s a beautiful, seamless experience that no one else has.” – Daniel Swanbury, Digital Fitness Editor



Lara Grey“I think the app is great because it’s simple to use, with no fuss, and it really delivers on what it set out to do – help Members stay on track every day of their 12WBT journey.” – Lara Gray, Product Director



IMG_7483_2“One of the app’s key features – the Workout Player – delivered me the biggest and most technically tricky video project I’ve done for 12WBT: to re-shoot the entire Exercise Index. That’s 438 demonstrations. Working closely with the fitness team, we shot for eight days straight and two days back-to-back in a public gym using three on-camera models.” – Joady Weatherup, Video Content & Strategy Lead



“The app is the perfect way for Members to stay on top of their 12WBT journey with just a tap. I’ve loved working with our Members on the beta testing and listening to their feedback. I really believe 12WBT Daily is a great addition to any 12WBTer’s home screen – it’s the ultimate daily companion.” – Nikki Grandjean, Support Crew

Top 8 Features of the 12WBT Daily Fitness App

2WBT Daily - Best Fitness App Ever 01 825x480

Our rock-star team have been working around the clock for over a year to create this one-of-a-kind app that has a stack of amazing features, including:

1. Workout Player

This awesome feature provides easy-to-follow guided workouts that you can stop, start and pause anywhere, at anytime.

2. iTunes Integration

Lift your workout to the next level by listening to your iTunes playlists directly through the app.

 3. Audio Cues

Keep your music pumping as Audio Cues fade in and out to move you through your workout – intervals, reps and rests.

 4. Daily View

Simply open the app to see your Exercise and Meal Plans mapped out for you every day – including recipes, exercises and tips to keep you going.

 5. My Stats

Link your Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Apple Health stats so you can see ALL your stats in one place, with a single tap.

 6. Post Photos

Use your iPhone camera to take and store photos of your day. That can include pictures of you, your food, your workouts – anything.

 7. Fitness Score

Keeping track of your transformation and Mini Milestones just got a whole lot easier – just open the app, enter the results and watch your progress.

 8. Mindset Monitoring

Simply record how you feel each day to watch your mindset and mood change over the weeks.

12WBT Daily is free for all 12WBT Members as part of their 12 week program. Find out more.

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38 thoughts on “12WBT Daily – Introducing our Brand New Fitness App for iPhone

  1. Hi there. Love 12wbt but so disappointing no app for samsung. I tried it on the iphone and loved it. Can you please give us a hint as to when one might be released?

    1. Hi Cat,

      The 12WBT Daily app is currently only available on iPhone. We chose iPhone for the phase 1 as this is what the majority of our members are using, and will see how this new iPhone version rolls out. It’s important to note that the 12WBT Daily is a companion to the program and there is nothing on there that you can’t currently access on the mobile site via your Android phone. In fact the 12WBT Daily app does not have access to many of the features available on mobile, such as the Shopping List, the Recipe Index or the customising tool.

      While there’s not a specific Android app and we do not have immediate plans to crate one, you can absolutely use the full 12WBT site ( on an Android phone. We’ve worked hard to redesign the site and make it responsive so it works well across many devices and operating systems. We’ve also just released our ‘Workout Player’ feature, which is available across all supported mobile devices (as well as on your computer), which is very similar to the workout out player on the app – this being the only real difference.

      12WBT Support Crew

    1. Hi Ryan,

      To do this, first head to Health > Fitness > Workouts > Share Data and turn ‘Share data with: 12WBT Daily’ on.

      Then on the 12WBT Daily app, when tracking, you’ll just need to ‘add workout’, select ‘connected’ and then allow 12WBT Daily to read data on the Apple Health prompt. We don’t pull all Health data, just calories burnt for activities, which are classed as ‘Workouts’ on Health. 🙂

      12WBT Support Crew

  2. Hi there,

    I have connected my 12WBT, myfitnesspal and Fitbit accounts in the hope that 12WBT will pull sleep, eating and exercise data from the other two sources. I can see how this data can be manually synced in My Tracker but is there a way for it to be automatically synced instead? It’s a bit labour intensive doing it manually.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Chrissy,

      Great to hear that you are utilising your tracking tools. We know how helpful that can be!
      Unfortunately at this stage, we don’t have an automated way to pull all of that data in at once.
      It is a great suggestion though, so we’ll most definitely take it on board.


      12WBT Support Crew

  3. Pre-season? Have signed up Thor the next round and am in week 2 of pre-season. Are there any of preseason videos & tasks available in the app? I can log into it and it says preseason on the top, has a count down etc but I can’t seem to find anything preseason related? Should the app do more?

    1. Hi Mary,

      You can find our pre-season tasks on the desktop version of the site ( Once the round kicks off, you will be able to access your daily meals, exercise and other features using 12WBT Daily.



  4. I was also so excited with using the app but then this week – week 3 it happened exactly what Lyn described:
    error “Couldnt find ExercisePlanDayV2 with id=76857 [WHERE ‘exercise_plan_days_v2′.’exercise_plan_id’ = 342]
    I have an iPhone 5. Please fix the bug asap. Also it would be pretty awesome if we could change and save workout place for one day without changing the all week.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the app. Please try deleting and reinstalling the app – this should do the trick! Be sure to select ‘Keep’ if prompted by a Health Data pop up after deleting the app. This is to ensure any data synced to Apple Health Kit is kept. You can rest assured that all of your program information is already synced to the 12WBT website so it is extremely unlikely that you would lose any of your program information by deleting the app. If you continue to experience issues with this, email

  5. Love the app, it syncs seamlessly with the website. So easy to use and great to have all progress and plans with me all the time. Has made me more engaged in the 12wbt program.
    Only improvement I have is to be able to save custom foods

  6. I also have the same error message as Lyn and as Jen mentioned, would love to see the custom food entries saved for future use. Other than that, when its working, app is great.

  7. My app has worked beautifully fir the first 2 weeks but has now stopped working

  8. Love the app- especially the workout section. Only glitch for me (using iphone6) is that Wednesdays are not loading- all weeks so far!

    1. Great to hear that you love the app Deirdre – and thank you for your feedback. We will definitely look into that for you.

  9. The app was working fine and was really helpful… but then today when I try to check anything for week 3, it keeps error ring…
    None of the information shows up for meal plans or workouts.
    The error I get is “Couldnt find ExercisePlanDayV2 with id=76857 [WHERE ‘exercise_plan_days_v2′.’exercise_plan_id’ = 342]

    Please fix asap otherwise I’m going to be pretty disappointed tomorrow if I have to go back to printing out my workout for the gym!

    1. Hi Lyn,
      Thank you for your feedback. We will most definitely look into that issue for you.
      Thanks again for bringing it to our attention!

    2. I’m having this exact same problem! I haven’t been able to access any of the workouts or meal plans in week 3 so far, and it won’t tally up my manual entries of excercise or food intake. Hope someone from the 12wbt team can fix this soon!

      1. Hey there Sallyann,

        I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with 12WBT Daily. Please try deleting and reinstalling the app – this should do the trick! Be sure to select ‘Keep’ if prompted by a Health Data pop up after deleting the app. This is to ensure any data synced to Apple Health Kit is kept. If you continue to experience issues with this, email

  10. Pl3 can we have one for Samsung edge, i bought this phone because of the finess benefits but would so love this app

  11. Can I just say, this app is just sooooo awesome?! It literally has me running to the gym because I don’t have to think about what workout I am going to do that day. I can’t thank you enough for the innovation – I’ve done a few rounds previously, but this feature is by far away the biggest improvement to my experience in the 12WBT program. I hated printing them all out and carrying them around at the gym. I also love the fact that you can gauge your pace of the reps by watching the screen – I’ve realised now that a lot of my reps were too quick.

    My thoughts / queries on my 9 days using it so far:
    – the audio cues are very faint – I am playing workout music through ITunes but the level of the audio cue is significantly lower than my music so unless I am watching the screen, I usually miss the cue. Is this a bug just for me (iphone 6) or is this everyone else’s experience?
    – I download each workout and do them in real time each day. I think maybe a future useful feature at the start of each workout would be a quick summary of what you need for each particular workout. E.g. at the gym, if it is a strength day, the fact that I need a step, hand weights, mat or barbell for that particular session would be useful…… that way, I am not running round during transition trying to get the weights. I know I can press pause, but I don’t want to as creates too long a rest between sets!
    – I am thinking ahead to when I have finished this round – will I be able to access the workouts after I have finished? If not, will you consider licensing them or similar so that they can be purchased through the APP store afterwards (naturally, at a discount to people who have done the round and paid to do so!!!!!). I’m thinking about how I will sustain the changes and the workouts post 12WBT.

    Cheers gals & guys, this is just brilliant!

    1. Hi Belinda,

      Thank you very much for those positive comments – we LOVE 12WBT Daily too!

      I will most definitely forwarded your queries and suggestions to our app team – we do really appreciate your feedback and will do our best to continue to improve 12WBT Daily.

  12. Hi! Me again,

    I’m using the app on iPhone 6. Please find some feedback and queries below

    1. The new app seems to be very unstable. It often posts things twice (or 3 times)
    2. The app also seems to dislike photographs and often quits when you use the photo function.
    3. It also is not syncing with the website correctly. The website and phone say different things in tracking. It says “not synced” next to some items, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to sync things?
    4. It is extremely annoying that it doesn’t store your custom foods, so you have to enter every single time.
    5. As per my unanswered question from yesterday. How do you link it to the apple health app?
    6. Photos disappear from menu items?

    Cheers Jen

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for letting us know about the issues you’re have on the 12WBT Daily mobile app. This exciting new App is a major release from 12WBT, so feedback like yours is SO valuable for us to improve! We have forward your concern to our Support Crew who will be able to assist you further!

    2. Hi Jen – Thanks so much getting in touch. We’d really like to work through these points with you however, we would like to ask for some additional information to help us to replicate these issues and assist you further. Could you please send us an email at with these points, any additional information and screenshots where possible? Thanks Jen 🙂

    1. Hi Sharnita – To connect your My Fitness Pal or Fitbit accounts, you will need to first head to the website. Go to your your profile picture > My Account > Connected Apps, select ‘Connect’ next to the app of your choice and follow the prompts 🙂

  13. I can’t work out how to sync 12wbt Daily with my fitness pal. Please can you let me know? Thanks!

    1. Hey there Fiona – To connect your My Fitness Pal accounts, you will need to first head to the 12WBT website. Then, go to your your profile picture > My Account > Connected Apps, select ‘Connect’ next to the app of your choice and follow the prompts. Hope this helps!

  14. Thank you , thank you, thank you! I just had my first workout on my 3rd round of 12WBT. It was wonderful having the whole workout on my iPhone guiding me the whole way. No more stopping to check to read what I am supposed to be doing next. I had no idea this app had been made and actually suggested it on one of my feedback surveys. I am going to love my workouts even more! I didn’t know about the music feature so I’ll try that one tomorrow. Well done team!

  15. Thankyou so much for developing this brilliant 12WBT Daily app. Loving the guided workouts and being able to sweat it out with my own music. Looking forward to the next 12 weeks.
    Just need to now link it with MyfitnessPal and I am set for success.

  16. Disappointed that the app workout player, iTunes integration and audio cues arent working!! Have tried downloading the ap twice and still no luck. Not a good start to 12WBT!!

    1. Hi Karina,

      I’m so sorry to hear the app isn’t working for you! We tested the app many times before launch and it seems all was fine but obviously, something is wrong if you are having problems. We will definitely investigate and to help us with that, could you please email us with more info?

      If you could email and let us know your phone details (what type of iPhone do you have? And which version of the iOS do you have installed?) and our tech team will look in to it for you.

      Danielle Warby
      Editor in Chief, 12WBT Blog

    1. Hey Nik, glad you asked!

      The iPhone was selected a phase one for the roll out of our new app and we DO have an app for Android in our sights. Stay tuned! We need to see how this version rolls out and make sure it’s 100% awesome before moving on to Android. Just remember all the 12WBT program features are available for all (including Android) users through our Mobile site, Desktop/Laptop and Tablets.

      Danielle Warby
      Editor in Chief, 12WBT Blog

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