Why Good Form Matters

Ask any professional athlete, ballet dancer, swimmer, runner or martial artist and they’ll tell you form is key. Good form is what enables them to perform at their peak and avoid getting hurt.

While most of us aren’t about to run for gold in the Olympics, it’s still important that we know how to do an exercise properly when working out. Nailing our form will not only help us to get the most out of our sweaty efforts, it will also stop us from having to call time on them due to injury.

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Remember the first day you joined the gym and somebody insisted on showing you how to use all that equipment? As obvious as those machines looked, it turns out we did need a bit of a rundown. In the same way, we need instruction to maintain good form when exercising with our own body. Proper form is what will ensure you do the exercises properly and avoid getting hurt.

12WBT’s fitness gurus have put together this good form guide on how to nail four of the most common exercises. Why not print it out and hang it in your home gym or exercise area? It could just spare you a trip to the physio!

Download: 12WBT Guide to Good Form


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