20 Reasons Why I Want You on My 12WBT Team!


Today I want to give you my top 20 reasons to sign up for my next 12WBT Round! It starts on Monday 8 December, so stop thinking about it and get cracking! Here are my top 20 reasons…

1. My 12WBT is NOT a diet. Far from it! It’s a complete nutrition, exercise and mindset program to give YOU the tools to succeed.

2. I’ve been in the fitness game for over 25 YEARS (don’t guess how old I am!). So when I tell you I know what works, I really DO KNOW WHAT WORKS.

3. Wherever you’re at, I have a plan for you: from absolute beginner through to marathon runner, pregnancy to post baby and new mums, I’ve got you covered.

4. It’s just 12 weeks, which in the scheme of your life is nothing at all. But you would be SHOCKED at how much you can change in that time.

5. My team and I have done all the calorie counting, meal planning and even the shopping lists for you. That way you can focus on the important stuff, like commitment, consistency and courage.

6. I’ve been the Red Team trainer on The Biggest Loser for nine seasons. Trust me, I’ve seen it all, heard every excuse under the sun and am ready to tell it like it is!

7. My Mindset Videos show you how to change your habits and give you tools for the rest of your life.

8. Your body and your health are THE absolute most important things in the world, so you’ve got to give them focus and attention (and effort).

9. Think about it: in three months’ time, do you want to be in exactly the same place you’re in right now? Or do you want to have made HUGE changes to your fitness, weight and health? The choice is yours.

10. Because I’ve been in the fitness industry my entire life, I know the best exercises for solid weight loss and increased fitness.

11. By being a fitter, healthier, happier person you will be a better parent, employer, friend and partner. It’s no surprise during aeroplane safety demos that you’re told to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

12. There’s no way to accelerate yourself to lean and mean unless you put in some time in the kitchen. I’ll teach you how to eat lean (and tasty!) meals.

13. I’ve battled with my weight just as you might have done. I will give it to you straight because I understand what you are going through.

14. It costs only $199 for the entire 12 weeks – less than the price of a coffee a day. That includes everything you need for success.

15. The recipes I have for you use simple, affordable whole foods that all the family will love – even the pickiest of eaters. Plus cooking for one and time saver meal plans!

16. If you don’t deal with the psychological aspect of weight loss, the physical just isn’t going to happen. My Mindset Videos deal with any psychological barriers you have and will change the way you think.

17. I have the best team of nutrition, fitness and health experts EVER. They’re here, along with me, to support you the whole way.

18. You’ll also have access to our Forums, so no matter where you live, you can connect with your teammates. We have Members all around the world!

19. My Members have lost more than ONE MILLION KILOS on my program. I think I might be onto something!

20. It’s an event we do together – you, me and the rest of your 12WBT family. We start together, we finish together and we work TOGETHER.

 So what are you waiting for? Join my team today.

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