Brooke’s 12WBT Story

Crippled by fear and barely able to leave her home, this Queensland mother-of-three didn’t know how to change her life. Then she signed up for 12WBT and became a happier, more confident person with a new enthusiasm for life.

Brooke comes across as a super-fit and bubbly young mum without a care in the world, but just a year ago she was overweight and crippled by agoraphobia. “After completing three rounds of 12WBT I’m now feeling unstoppable!” says the 27-year-old.

Brooke, who lives in Middle Ridge, Queensland, has three children – a nine-year-old son, Aiden, who suffers from autism, a 26-month-old daughter, Imogen, and a 14-month-old boy, Kobi. “I had really bad anxiety after Kobi was born and I found it hard to go outside because I’d put on weight. I went up to 91 kilos and I really had to do something about it,” says Brooke.

She started 12WBT in August 2012. “I thought it would just be something to fix my pregnancy weight gain. This is my third 12WBT and I’ve lost more than 20 kilos altogether but I’ve gained so much more than weight loss.”

Freedom From Anxiety


In three Round of 12WBT, Brooke has transformed her body. While she joined initially to lose post-pregnancy weight, she is now working on strength and tone.

Brooke can now easily lift 7kg dumbbells, do push-ups on her toes and has a goal to dead lift 100kg, but perhaps her biggest achievement is coming out of her shell.

“Having social anxiety made it very difficult for me to meet new people. I’d moved to a new town and was basically friendless. With 12WBT I’ve made friends online and I’ve gained a lot more confidence interacting with people.”

pre 12wbt 2012

A year ago, Brooke was in the grip of anxiety and barely left the house. She feels 12WBT has helped her take control of her life.

She now wants to push herself to do things she hasn’t experienced. “I’ve missed out on so much,” she says. “These days I wake up in the morning and know I’m going enjoy my day and do something that’s going to make a positive difference to my life and benefit my family. It’s very different to waking up not wanting to look in the mirror because you hate the person who you see.”

Facing Challenges Head-On


A happy and healthy Brooke with her baby Kobi.

Giving her first interview at the massive Group Workout in Melbourne, Brooke’s voice is shaking, but she bravely pushes through.

“I’m freaking out right now,” she confesses. “To be honest, I didn’t even think I could make it here to the group workout with hundreds of people – and I’ve really surprised myself.

“I’ve gone from not being able to walk outside or go to a supermarket, to getting on a plane and staying in a hotel with people I’ve never met before – it’s amazing. So I’ve met friends, I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained confidence and I love my life – which is something I used to not really enjoy.”

A Family Affair


A family photo taken before Brooke started 12WBT. She says her whole family has benefited from her doing the program. “I’m a better mum.”

Brooke adds that her whole family has benefited from the changes she’s made. “I’m a better mum,” she explains. “My kids basically played inside. They didn’t interact with other kids much because of my problems. Now the toys they get are no longer video games; they get bikes, Frisbees, balls.

“They’re outdoor kids now, so when it’s warm we’re out throwing or kicking the ball, on scooters, jumping on the trampoline or walking to the park. They’ll grow up being able to value a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s something that comes naturally every day to us now.”

Brooke’s partner Grant also appreciates her 12WBT achievements. “He was always trying to comfort me because I was depressed, and reassure me that I didn’t look that bad because it was constantly ‘I look overweight’ … I didn’t bother putting on makeup because I didn’t think there could be an improvement to how I looked. So for Grant to have a partner who’s more confident and wants to go out and do things, he’s definitely benefitted as well.”

Fresh Ambitions


Brooke in May 2013 swamped by her pre-12WBT t-shirt!

Inspired by the change she’s seen in herself and her children, Brooke now wants to do even more. “I’ve fallen in love with everything health and fitness. I want to do a personal trainer’s course. I’d love to be able to run a boot camp for kids to help them benefit from an active lifestyle and not experience being overweight and not liking who they are, but to grow up confident and enjoying life.”

While the strength to complete three Rounds of 12WBT came from within, Brooke says she wouldn’t be where she is now without Michelle Bridges and her team.


A glowing Brooke with Michelle Bridges at the 12WBT Finale Party in Melbourne in May 2013.”

“I love everything 12WBT has done for me mentally and physically. I’ve never felt so happy with something I’ve done. I’ve come so far and it’s a massive achievement. I’ve made awesome friends who I speak to everyday,” she says.

“I have a new love of life and find the positives in any situation. I now set goals – something I’d never done before – and I love working towards them and smashing them. I now have kids who enjoy playing outdoors with their mum. I’m confident, happy and feeling awesome.”

Brooke’s 12WBT Tips

  • Thinking about doing 12WBT? Do it! You’ll feel more confident and a lot happier within yourself – and you’ve got nothing to lose.
  • Believe in yourself. You’re not going to see the results overnight, but if you keep doing it and are consistent then you will.

Brooke’s 12WBT Stats

Height: 171cm
12WBT Start Weight: 69.6kg
Weight Loss After First 12WBT: 5.8kg
NB: Brooke’s focus for her last two 12WBT Rounds has been strength and toning, not weight loss.

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2 thoughts on “Brooke’s 12WBT Story

  1. I know where Brooke is coming from when she felt like this. I’m her older sister and after bub no6 I’m also going through the same problem. I also suffer from bad social phobia… To see that my little sister has taken this fear and challenged it head on and came out on top is so beyond words…She looks fantastic! I shall be asking for some pointers from her. So proud to see you come so far Brooke xx

  2. Brooke Dunn is (I’m proud to say) my daughter.
    This is the first time I have looked at this site, and to see Brooke just talking in front of people and about her problems makes me even more proud.
    Brooke has achieved so much since doing the 12WBT her confidence, attitude and general outlook on life has changed so much.
    Her achievements have given me the incentive to go healthier and I have lost over 8kgs in 2mths and that’s all because Brooke has been my rock.
    Myself and stepfather Tom are so proud of what she has achieved she has been my inspiration throughout this program.
    Keep up the good work Brooke we love you so much, keep your head high as you deserve all the good things in life there are to offer.

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