Debating, Dancing, Drumming: June at 12WBT HQ

Take a peek behind the scenes at 12WBT HQ and you’ll see that June has been a crazy month – with debating, dancing, drumming … the list goes on!

We Introduced You to Our Superstar Team


You wanted to know more about our 12WBT experts, so we delivered! This month we launched a spanking new blog series doing just that – first cab off the rank was rockstar  dietitian Chantelle Curtis-Latchford.

We Had a Great Debate

The Debate

You might have seen on the 12WBT Facebook page that there was a pretty serious debate raging this month, with many of our members getting passionately involved. What was it all about? Spring Onions vs Shallots!

We thought the team better put together a special blog post to get to the bottom of this, and share the verdict from our office. Let us know in the comments below what YOUR opinion is!!

We Blew Off Some Steam!


The drummers beating out a tune

Our team at 12WBT is a hard-working lot, so it was time to blow off some steam! We headed out for a bonding day that included dancing and drumming – and did we have some serious fun (and many laughs)! Check out the video above for some bustin’ team moves. So You Think You Can Dance anyone?

We visited our USA team!


12WBT USA staffer Kim with her Aussie swag!

Our CEO and co-founder Tim and COO Sue headed across the ocean to California, spending a week in sunny Los Angeles. They were busy meeting 12WBT media and agency partners and working with our 12WBT USA team on plans for June Round and beyond. They took some Aussie essentials: More Than A Million T shirts (we’re still over the moon about losing a million kilos!) and Tim Tams. What more could you want?!

We Got Totally Inspired!


Harriet ready to race (Image via

Mish is all about smashing goals – at any age! So it was no surprise this story inspired the pants off all of us.  When she completed her 16th San Diego Marathon, 91 year old Harriette Thompson set a new record for a marathon run by a 90 to 94 year old woman, finishing in seven hours, seven minutes and 42 seconds. Wow!! What an absolute, dead-set legend you are Harriette!

We Had a Laugh

Thanks to Pete our project manager for sharing this funny pic around the office. You know that at 12WBT we aren’t into fad diets at all, so we had to laugh at this picture. If you want to know how to spot a fad diet, check out this blog post by our 12WBT dietitan Chantelle Curtis-Latchford.

If you missed our first Behind the Scenes post, check it out here. Sign up to 12WBT and you’ll get access to all our 12WBT experts, plus the plans to make your goals a reality!

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