Here They Are: our March Round Winners!

Each Round we like to celebrate a few of our 12WBTers who have done an amazing job transforming their body and mind, and who have been an inspiration to others. And here they are: check out our March Round winners!

Hero Award Winners

  • Tanya, AKA TanyaSaunders


Tanya proved to be a strong source of support for many 12WBTers in the Forums. Always on hand with words of encouragement and positivity, Tanya is a true 12WBT hero, paying it forward whenever she can and always looking out for her teammates.

  • Melinda, AKA MelindaMadeIt


MelindaMadeIt is another 12WBT Forum superstar! She openly shared her wins and challenges, and did so with a positive attitude, inspiring others to remain accountable and focussed throughout the 12 weeks of the March Round.

  • Jacque, AKA Jacque972


Jacque has completed four Rounds of 12WBT, completely transforming her life and her mindset along the way. Jacque is willing to offer help to other 12WBTers whenever she can and understands how important it is to support her teammates.

  • Leonie, AKA Miss_Consistent

Leonie has inspired others with her accountability in the Forums, always sharing her challenges and triumphs openly and honestly. Her willingness to support her fellow 12WBTers is exactly what makes her a hero!

  • Andrew, AKA Andrew91

Andrew signed up to 12WBT to support his lovely fiance Alice. They tackled the Round as a team and together they have lost over 27kg during the March Round. Andrew went above and beyond to help Alice reach her goals and that makes him a hero in our eyes!

Transformation Award Winners

  • Nigel, AKA nigel_warm5


Talk about a total body transformation! Nigel lost over 32kg during the March Round and discovered the tools he needed to change his life. Go Nigel!

  • Cassandra, AKA Ceejay8


Cassandra had done 4 Rounds of 12WBT, progressing from Intermediate to 10k Running and is now happy to call herself a runner. Cassandra is even imagining what she previously thought was impossible – running a half marathon. Way to go Cassandra!

  • Georgia, AKA georgia_phillips91

georgia before & after

During this, her first Round of 12WBT, Georgia dropped 16kg and truly had a transformation of mind and body. Georgia flipped the switch on negative self-talk and discovered new, healthier habits.

  • Caroline, AKA CarolineDetermined90

Caroline before & after

Before Caroline started 12WBT she was lacking confidence, but three Rounds later she’s lost over 24kg and has changed her way of thinking. Caroline is committed to making positive changes to be the best version of herself.

  • Jade, AKA JadeVeale_11


Jade had tried to lose weight previously, but it wasn’t until she joined 12WBT that she truly discovered that if you want to change your body, you have to change your mindset. Jade lost over 20kg during the March Round and is looking forward to challenging herself on the Lean & Strong program.

If you are ready for your transformation of body and mind, find out more about 12WBT.

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