Meet Our June End Of Round Winners!

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further! Our June End of Round winners have come from different backgrounds, had different goals and achieved different results. The one thing they have in common? They all spent the last 12 weeks showing determination, consistency and strength. Congratulations to you all, and a big high five to all our June Round 12WBTers.

12WBT Heroes

Karen Lee (karen_eagerness16)

I now just pick up my gym bag as soon as 5pm comes and head down to the work gym. It is very basic but with the workouts on the phone I just do it to my playlist and feel amazing when I finish! I love cooking – I enjoy cooking the 12WBT Banana Bread so much, it has become a Saturday ritual as the family love it! The 12WBT Snack Balls are also a staple in all lunch bags. I exercise even when I don’t have to, while waiting for something to cook you can always push out some squats!

Danika (aka danika_exceedingly66)

This program was the best thing I did to help myself post pregnancy. I needed the guidance of the 12WBT Meal Plans to get my eating back on track. I feel like I have reclaimed my old self – I liked my old self! I’d always been fairly healthy, happy and active but growing a human is a big curveball. It changes your habits, your mind and your body. I needed this program to help bring back balance and find my healthy self again.

Pamela (aka Pamela_Fit2Ski@60)


Today I turned 61 and YAY to my 60s – the best decade ever! No more wasting decades from not being healthy! I truly believe that anyone can turn their lifestyle around and make the most of every tiny moment. Having raised my family and constantly having to think ‘What’s for dinner?’, I absolutely love having a weekly plan, for not only food but exercising as well.  I would like to take this organised planning into the rest of my healthy life.  I LOVE IT!

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Sue (aka sue_vibrant99)


I can’t believe how strong my will power is I went from having four family blocks of chocolate a day to zero. I’m very  focused and I have never had will power like this before. I also feel a lot better about myself and my self esteem has improved. I don’t give into my cravings any more!

Alice (aka alice_alexandra)


Becoming a mum seven months ago was a huge change as I am sure all mums can attest to! Not only that I had a baby to take home from the hospital but also that I had some changes to my body that I was taking home as well.  Over the past 11 weeks I have lost weight and my body has changed again, in a way that I can be super proud of.  I have lost 33cm so far and nearly eight kilos!


Rod (aka RodfromNH)


I have struggled with my weight for last 20 years (I am 62 yrs of age). Tried lots of different diets and eating plans. Many worked short term, but none were sustainable because they didn’t change the underlying eating habits. So the weight went back on. I can honestly say that this is the most effective, and the easiest way to lose weight that I have tried. Thanks 12WBT from myself and the wife (she lost weight too)!

Sam (aka samh7)


I have lost 13.4 kgs over the last 12 weeks and am extremely proud of myself for that. I also learned that the scales sometimes don’t matter so to keep accountable took many pictures. Looking at these pictures I’ve noticed so many physical changes in my body. My face is slimmer and I look like myself again and I now have visible muscle. I have reached all of my milestones and physically push myself as hard as I can until my body (not my mind) gives up.

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Roger (aka roger_lh)


My weight loss (13.4Kg in week 11) and size loss (44cm) astounded me. Sure it takes some focus, but the food is so good that it’s no hardshipSelf image and self esteem has gone through the roof. I am a normal human being. I am so rewarded by the constant weight loss over the weeks. I am hooked on a better way to eat and exercise and I won’t be going back. I am buying new clothes with words like “slim cut” in them. Unbelievable.

Melissa (aka melkv)

My physical achievements have surprised me. Not only have I lost 17.5cm from my body, I have noticed a significant increase in strength. Lifting weights is much easier and I have been steadily increasing the weight load throughout the program. The best thing is my new confidence – I  no longer feel embarassed and shy about using ‘the mens’ weight section at the gym!

Fiona (aka fiona_worth79)


I have a bank of recipes which are delicious for anyone but are also much less fattening than other meals I have cooked.  I enjoy cooking and it has been great to see my husband enjoy many of the meals I have cooked over the last 12 weeks. I will continue to exercise as I can certainly see and feel the difference since I  began exercising more regularly.

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