Meet the 12WBT SA Crew!

The 12WBT team is currently getting ready to pack up shop and head to Adelaide for the Round 2 Finale, so we wanted to give a massive shout-out to the SA Crew.

We love it when 12WBTers create their own friendship groups and get together in the real world to workout and support each other – THIS is what 12WBT is all about. The South Australian Crew have not only smashed out some pretty epic workouts together, they’ve formed some rock solid friendships. Keep reading to hear from a few SA crew members, and if you are heading to Adelaide for finale, don’t be afraid to say hi, they’re a friendly bunch!



The 12WBT has been a life changer for me. I started my 12WBT journey in Round 1, 2013. I’d been overweight all my adult life. I had lost around 10kg on my own, but then I put that weight back on again. I decided to join the challenge because I wanted to learn how to lose weight and keep it off. Yes, I have lost around 15kg so far but my journey has been more of a mental one than about weight loss. It’s meant a change of mindset, and major fitness improvement.

I’ve gone from not being able to run 100 meters to running 10km non-stop. I’ve already done a couple of 5km runs and have scheduled a further five fun-runs – up to 10km – over the next few months.

I have overcome depression. 12 months ago I hated myself and my life. I can now see myself reaching goal weight and living a healthy life. Now my new loves are running and boxing. I love getting up and getting to the gym at 6am each morning, and I feel sluggish if I don’t exercise each day. Each mini milestone I achieve gives me so much more confidence in myself.

My daughter has even been inspired by my achievements and has decided to join the gym. We train together a few days a week. I’m only halfway through my journey but I am already living the South Australian 12WBT motto Dream, Believe, Achieve. I dream, believe and I will achieve.



I started my lifestyle change at 125kg. Over 14 months, I’ve lost 35kg. I feel so proud of what I had achieved so far. Now, yes, I feel really good. I love getting compliments, it helps me keep going. I get them all the time now. I love to catch up with people who I haven’t seen in a while and I like watching their faces when they see the change. I’ve realised that, not only does it make me happy, it also makes them happy and I always thank them for the compliment with a GREAT BIG GRIN on my face.

So… am I at the place I want to be? Well… after losing 35kg – I have to say – YES! Do I want to lose more? SURE… BUT! How far do I go? I have never been “ideal weight”, but for me to be under 90kg (something which hasn’t happened in about 25 years), I’m happy. Even if I do go further, seriously, I don’t think I could get any happier. But I’ll keep going (at least I’ll be trying).

I have NOT been on a JOURNEY, I have had a lifestyle change! I am proud of my achievements in the past 14 months. I do hold my head high! I am humbled to know that what I have achieved has been inspirational to others and I have often been told how I have helped someone get on track. This is the best thing about me losing weight. Yes, I did it for me! But, all my life I have helped and given to others and even though my achievement has really been about me, in all honesty – it’s turned into something WAY beyond what I could have imagined. I see myself in a whole new light and so do others.

I also notice that others I have inspired now see themselves in a new light and they have thanked me for it. Funny! I didn’t think, I’d really done anything for them – but I did and now that I know that I will keep encouraging them too because it encourages me at the same time – and I still need a push now and again (often). At nearly 50, in October, I have never felt more happy, healthy or fitter in my entire life! EVER! Life is not good, it’s GREAT!



I was someone who struggled with weight issues throughout her whole life. I’d been teased throughout primary school, high school and even after. Over the year before 12WBT I had managed to lose about 3kg, and then my weight loss plateaued and not long after, I put the weight back on. My confidence was at an all time low.

Since starting my very first round of 12WBT this year in Round 1, I’ve lost 10kg, 77cm off my total body measurements (and still dropping) and dropped two dress sizes. And I have kept the weight off. I haven’t been my current weight since I was about 13 years old. Not only has 12WBT enabled me to make these physical changes but my mentality has changed so much.

I have become so much more confident and am starting to love the way I look for the first time in my life. Changing my thought process from I can’t to I CAN has enabled me to achieve things I never thought I’d be able to! Things that may seem little to most people, but they are a massive change for me.

One challenge that reinforced this was doing 300 push-ups in a week, on my knees. I decided I would challenge myself and attempt to do 150 on my knees and 150 on my toes, which seemed impossible as I’d only been able to do five on my toes at one time. When talking to my trainer about it she said to me I could easily do them all on my toes and, not wanting to give in, I agreed. I managed to do 300 push ups on my toes in three days!

There have been so many times, not only in training but other aspects of my life, such as work and study, when I’ve felt like giving up and would have in the past but something kicks on inside of me and I manage to push down that barrier that would have stopped me!

I have learned so much along the way, especially about nutrition and portion sizes. I don’t see this as a diet but as healthy, yummy meals that have become my lifestyle. I have really enjoyed learning to cook so many different new meals that I would never have tried in the past.

I haven’t seen my two Rounds of 12WBT as 12 week challenges but lifestyle changes that really have changed my life. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting some amazing people, sharing some incredible stories and making some wonderful lifetime friends.



I’m a 40 year old married mum of three girls, and I was sick of yoyo dieting. I’ve always exercised, but then I used that as an excuse to eat more. I put on weight last year when I was overseas and never lost it, then I put on more over Christmas, New Year and Easter.

I wanted a program with an all around focus on healthy living. As a mum, I think it is especially important to teach my girls about a healthy lifestyle, rather than sending them the message that ‘Mum is always on a diet’.

My fitness has improved, I’m running more and have tried new classes at the gym. My biggest issues are mindset related and I have really been focusing on not emotionally eating. I have lost 10kg so far and have signed up for the next Round already to help lose some more and then maintain!

For more success stories from the SA Crew, click here and to make your very own Transformation, sign up to 12WBT NOW!

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