One Million Kilos: The Celebrations Continue


What a week it’s been! We’ve been celebrating ONE MILLION KILOS lost, and I’ve been rocking around all week with the biggest smile on my face! I got to share the news on Seven’s Sunrise, celebrate with my team at 12WBT HQ and see all your inspiring #1millionkg Instagram comp entries.

On Thursday we shared some flashback success stories from a few years back – be sure to check them out. Today I want to share some more success stories AND a very special video my 12WBTers have made to celebrate ONE MILLION KILOS LOST!

I got to celebrate with my awesome 12WBT crew at our headquarters in Sydney. It was great to spend time with the people that work day in and day out to support all my 12WBTers! (And yes, they’re party hats!!)

Liz and Robyn: Lean & Strong Legends

I’m all about the power of my 12WBT online community, and Liz and Robyn are an awesome example of this!!! They met on the 12WBT Forums and connected straight away, realising they only lived two hours away from each other! Since then they’ve literally climbed mountains, run triathlons and become lean, mean fighting machines (and can I just say they’ve both got RIPPER guns?!).

Says Liz: “My 12WBT experience strengthened as I found I had a virtual training buddy with Robyn. We could talk every day via text or email about our training sessions and what we found challenging, and when we achieved some personal bests.”

Sarah’s 12WBT Weight Loss Success

Sarah is the true embodiment of all the things I wanted to achieve when I first set up 12WBT. She joined weighing 160kg, and she was only in her early 20s. A doctor had told her she was at a very high risk of a heart attack, and that was the wake-up call she needed. She’s now a super-active member of my 12WBT family, has lost a LOT of kilos and is generally killing it at life!

Sarah’s advice? “Live a life that’s good for you – 12WBT isn’t a health kick, it’s the process of shaping your life through small choices every day.”

The 30-Plus Crew Celebrate!

Thanks to Cathy and the 30-Plus Crew for putting this video together. I LOVE IT! I have to confess: I may have had a tear in my eye watching what you’ve all achieved. You’re all absolute LEGENDS!!

Show Me How You Get Healthy

Our ‘More Than a Million’ competition is still going! I asked you to show me how you get healthy on Instagram and to tag your posts with #1millionkg and @12WBT. Entries close tomorrow – yes, that’s Sunday May 25 at 23:59 (AEDT) to be absolutely precise!! So post those pics for the chance to win a prize pack worth over $1000!

Here are some more awesome entries so far:





Visit our special ‘More than a Million’ page for more success stories, the competition details and our 12WBT timeline so you can find out how it all began!


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