Our March Round Winners: Wait Til You See What They’ve Achieved!

With March Round done and dusted, it’s time to reveal our End of Round winners! At the conclusion of each Round, we ask our Members to nominate themselves for a Top Transformer award, or an inspirational Member for the 12WBT Hero Award.

Let’s hear what made March Round fabulous from our amazing End of Round Winners!

Top Transformers

Claire (aka clairef87)

The best part of taking part in the March round was increasing my fitness. I found it really motivational doing the Milestone Weeks, and seeing just how much I improved. It has also given me energy in my daily life.

The most important thing I learned is that if you have a bad day, for example if I ate way over my calorie goal or I didn’t do my exercise, not to let it control me. I now see everyday as a new day to work towards my goal, and having a bad day here and there doesn’t mean I should give up and start having bad weeks! I get up in the morning and start again. I also try not to feel guilty or worry about any slip ups.

My favourite Exercise Plan was definitely the long runs on Saturdays. Each week I would run further than I did the week before and it was extremely motivating to see the plan working, and watch myself getting so much fitter.

Kerry (aka kerry_makingthechange)

The best part of taking part in 12WBT March Round was knowing I am not alone on this journey.  Through the Member Zone we have encouraged each other, celebrated our successes and pushed through the challenges.

The most important thing I learned as part of my 12WBT journey was that I don’t have to be perfect to succeed, I just have to turn up and try every day.  I have taken some spectacular metaphorical and physical falls on this journey, but the reason I am 58 kilos lighter is because I have learnt through 12WBT how to get back up and try again, and again, and again!  This, coupled with ditching the old ‘all or nothing’ mentality, have been the keys to my success.

I know I’m doing 12WBT when I no longer dare to dream – instead I live the dream!

Stephanie (aka steph1981)

The best part about 12WBT March Round was the way in which everything was set out in front of you….from the Workout Videos to the Meal Plans, and even the automatically generated Shopping Lists.  All of these things made it very easy to keep on track.  The other best part would have to be the results!

The biggest challenge I faced was being a mother of two young children. I had to find ‘me time’ to complete my workouts without interruption each day.  Sometimes, this meant I was getting up at 5:15am to complete my hour long workout before the rest of the house was up and getting ready for school.  After a while I actually preferred to work out at this time as it gave me a kick start to my day!

My favourite meal was the Not So Naughty Nachos and my favourite Workout Video was the JFDI Bootcamp.

12WBT Heroes

Trish (aka Trish123)

The most important thing I learned as part of your 12WBT journey was to believe in myself, and the power my mind has. You can achieve, and you can overcome whatever you set your mind to.

The biggest challenge was believing that I could achieve the goals that I set. My fear of failure and disappointing myself was sometimes crippling.

My favourite meal is is the Baked Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Spinach & Mozzarella I absolutely love this recipe. Also the Oven Baked Mediterranean Risotto is a staple too. I am a vegetarian, and was so impressed this Round had over 500 vegie recipes to choose from! I was very happy with every recipe I tried.

Sue (aka Sue_6477)

The best part of taking part in the 12WBT March round was the shift in my attitude and mindset approach to exercise.  I have always been active but in my mind regular exercise was for fit people.  I have become an exerciser – and I love it!  I work at the level I am capable of, and have learnt how to successfully push myself. Bit by bit my strength, fitness and confidence have improved. It really is the best thing I’ve done for myself.

The biggest challenge I faced was overcoming my fear of failure, another mindset lesson worth experiencing.  I had lost a large amount of weight in the past and managed to keep it off but I could not break through the 77kg barrier.  I knew when I turned 50 that I had to take the final steps to get rid of the last 9kg.  I signed up for the March round and achieved all the goals I set.

I know I am doing 12WBT when my wardrobe is 50% exercise wear!

Kalee (aka kales_cass)

The best part of taking part in 12WBT March Round was knowing you are part of a big team, and are never alone on the journey to your better self. 12WBT ensured there was always somewhere or someone to tap into if I needed ideas, a pick me up, or motivation. Also, seeing the smiles on my daughters’ faces as I now jump on the trampoline with them, opposed to watching from the sidelines as well as spending more time with my 12WBT exercise buddy and good friend Kim!

The most important thing I learned as part of my 12WBT journey was  to JFDI!!! No matter what is going on in your day, whether it is rain, hail or shine or you are just tired…Just Friggin Do It!

I know I’m doing 12WBT when it’s winter and I am bouncing out of bed at 4.35am to meet my 12WBT buddy Kim at 5am, ready to pound the pavement and it’s five degrees. Never felt so healthy in my life! If I can do it, anyone can!

Join 12WBT and you could be the next End of Round winner!

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  1. What wonderful results from all the #12wbtmarchround winners! I was a #12wbtfebround winner but missed the blog entry of my round. Is anyone able to send me the link so I can share? Thanks so much!

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