Sangria, Sand and Sunsets – 12WBT’s Coaches Share Their Secrets

12WBT is all about teamwork, and so we’re delighted to welcome our two new 12WBT coaches!

Chooky and Karen are going to be sharing their expertise, advice and support with 12WBT Members, alongside Mish and our existing team of rock-star experts. We reckon you’ll love these two firecrackers as much as we do!

Sarah (Chooky) Biordi


Chooky’s been on the 12WBT Support Crew for almost two years – and in that time she’s become very popular with our Members for her constant support, encouragement and awesome tips. Originally from New Zealand but now living in sunny Sydney with her husband and two gorgeous girls, this fitness dynamo is not to be messed with – she knows her stuff!

What she does day-to-day at 12WBT: “Work is varied – in any one day I can be commenting on a Member’s incredible transformation on our 12WBT Support Crew Facebook Page, providing alternative exercise options to the injured in our Member Forums, responding to a forgotten password query, or advising on how to cope post C-section via email.”

Favourite thing about working for 12WBT: “Helping to improve the lives of our Members … nothing compares!”

Mantra: “If you’re having fun and no one is getting hurt, UNLEASH!”

What she’s most proud of: “Producing two little beings that are (mostly) polite, conscientious, aware and caring souls – and pretty funny while they’re at it!”

How she prioritises health and fitness: “They’re pretty much number-one for me and the rest of my family – get those right and everything else falls into place. Or if it doesn’t, you’re better equipped to deal with it!”

How she likes to sweat it out: “I love nothing more than an outdoor jog early morning when I’m not teaching group fitness classes. Alternatively, I’ll smash out Mish’s Interval Sprint Program on the treadmill if I’m short on time. Sometimes I’ll treat myself to an Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga session. I have an unhealthy obsession with kettle bells and the squat rack too. So all in all it’s a mixed bag.”

Top three songs to work out to: 

Her perfect day: “Sun, sand, sangria, friends and family, and beats.”

One thing people may not know about her: “My real name. I’ve been called ‘Chooky’ since birth, so some of my nearest and dearest don’t know any different!”

Karen Reedman


Karen is mother of three and lives in Sydney’s Hills District. She’s new to the 12WBT family and has a tonne of experience as a master personal trainer, life coach and remedial massage therapist. She’s super excited to help 12WBTers reach their goals, help them get inspired and walk (or jog) alongside them on their journey!

What she’s most looking forward to about joining the 12WBT team: “My biggest passion is helping others achieve their dreams, so to be given the opportunity to work with Michelle and do this on a larger scale is an offer I couldn’t turn down.”

Mantra: “Take care of the lifestyle and the body will take care of itself.”

How she prioritises health and fitness: “I treat my workouts like brushing my teeth. They’re not something I give myself permission to think about. Or as Mish would say I JFDI. The only legitimate reasons not to train in my life are genuine illness or personal emergency. Every other reason is just an excuse! I choose to live my life healthy and fit.”

Her perfect day: “I come alive when I’m outdoors, particularly by the water. I love watching my kids play in the water and the sand until the setting of the sun, and driving home with sand between our toes, colour on our cheeks and a relaxed tiredness that only a day at the beach can bring.”

Top three songs to work out to:

Favourite comfort food: “Thai food! I have it every single week of my life. My kids have developed the same passion.”

One thing people may not know about her: “I can sing a mean opera.”

Sign up now and get coached by Mish, Chooky and Karen and our team of expert dieticians, trainers and support crew – we all have your back!

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