Tracey: Napoleon Perdis TONI&GUY Makeover Winner

In celebration of Tracey’s hard work and commitment she won a one-hour Makeover session with a Napoleon Perdis Creative Team Makeup Artist and a Hair Makeover session including a Personalised Therapy Treatment, cut and blow-dry with a TONI&GUY Art Director. Tracey also took home a Napoleon makeup bag valued at $150 and TONI&GUY Label M pack valued at $150.

When asked how a glamour makeover would complete her 12 Week Body Transformation, Tracey told us, “From workout gear, sweaty hair, no makeup, to glamorous and girly. How wonderful to complete my transformation – after a 47kg loss. Being a mum and having MS, I sometimes forget about the glamour that being a girl can bring – it would be incredible!


Post Makeover: Tracey hadn’t had a haircut in 18 months, and really gave her self-confidence a boost. “OMG thank you 12WBT, Napoleon and TONI&GUY for making me feel like a Rock Star,” exclaimed Tracey. “I fell into a slump and haven’t dedicated any time to pampering myself. Not only do I feel fantastic, but this makeover made me feel so special and showed me I can feel and look beautiful!”

Number of Rounds: 5

Kilos Lost: 47 

About Tracey: Tracey is a wife and mum of two; who also has MS. Since joining 12WBT thanks to a few friends who raved about it following their own success, Tracey hasn’t looked back.

Napolian_nailsFor Tracey it was the everyday things that were hard to do like walking up stairs at the train station or being active with her children. Since joining 12WBT Tracey and her family’s life has changed. “I have a 16 year-old son who tells me how proud he is, we now train together, it’s given us a common ground and strengthened our relationship,” says Tracey. Tracey also loves that she can walk and skip with her eight year-old daughter to school each morning, something she could have never done before joining 12WBT.

Romance has also rekindled… “My husband and I are closer and he’s so proud and supportive which helps, he’s really embraced the 12WBT program and cooks all the meals for us, so we’re all reaping the benefits from my lifestyle change,” says Tracey.

While Tracey has met some challenges on the program, while dealing with MS, she’s never given up and says her doctors are nothing but supportive and wish all their patients would do what she has done.

“Being fitter and not carrying the extra weight definitely helps with my MS, my blood pressure has returned to normal and I’ve got so much more vitality and energy,” says Tracey.


Inspiration to join 12WBT: Just before Christmas two years ago, Tracey had her wisdom teeth removed, the first day she was able to eat solids again, was Christmas Day, after seeing photos of herself and noticing she’d lost a couple of kilos from not eating, it was enough to inspire her to think she could loose weight.

Turning Point: Tracey’s turning point came midway through her second round, and due to the connections and friendships she made were what spurred her on, within 16 weeks she achieved a huge goal and was able to run 5km. “it’s the community that makes the 12WBT program so special and inspiring,” says Tracey.

Biggest Motivator:  Tracey’s biggest motivator was her family, the 12WBT program helped her to feel better within her self, “I also suffer from depression,” admits Tracey, “since joining 12WBT I am feeling more positive about everything in my life, plus having people tell me how much younger I look is so amazing to hear,” smiles Tracey.

Tracey’s Top 12WBT Tip: Embrace the change! Immerse yourself in the program and trust you can do it! Use the community and connections with other 12WBT members to inspire you when the going gets tough.

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