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“12WBT Restored My Life After Breast Cancer”

Harsh treatments made losing weight difficult for survivor Helen, but she signed up for 12WBT and fought back with fitness – and YOU can help battle against breast cancer by signing up for the Mother’s Day Classic!

Helen is a true survivor. When she found out about her breast cancer she was already at a healthy weight and living an active lifestyle. “When I was diagnosed I was probably at my normal weight. I’ve always been interested in exercise and was studying for Certificate III in Fitness.”

You’re invited!! Join the 12WBT Team to walk or run for breast cancer research and support on May 11, in your capital city!

The cancer treatment saw Helen gain about 6kg and made her feel uncomfortable. “I wanted to get back to normal and find my life again. But it’s actually very difficult to lose weight as the medication I’m taking has put me into a sort of menopausal state.”

Planning Meals for Recovery

Helen signed up with 12WBT and says she loved how it naturally aligned with the health advice from her medical team. “Part of breast cancer recovery is that you should be limiting your alcohol, eating a lot of fresh produce, exercising – everything that 12WBT promotes.” For Helen, 12WBT took the thinking out of the process and allowed her to focus on the most important thing – her recovery.

Helen says another effect of the medication was that it made her brain ‘a bit foggy’, so Mish’s meal plans were a godsend. “I loved the organisation of it and the structure. My family – including older teenagers and a couple of younger kids – all loved it.”

Getting Fit After Breast Cancer

Best of all, 12WBT helped Helen take the reins of life again. “When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer it’s basically complete surrender. You just have to place your trust in the medical profession. Getting into 12WBT gave me structure, it was a way of grabbing some of my old self back again and getting on with life.”

What’s the biggest lesson Helen has taken away from 12WBT? “To strive to be the best version of yourself. I think that’s a good thing for someone my age and my vintage, because being kind to yourself and being accepting about what you have is something we all have to learn.”

Run for Fun in the Mother’s Day Classic!

On May 11, come and say hi to the 12WBT team and some of our incredible Members who will be at the Mother’s Day Classic fun run to share their awesome journey with you.

In each city they will be a 12WBT Members area, mini Fitness Challenges and gifts bags. And Mish will be in Sydney at the start line, and in the 12WBT marquee, from 9-10am on Sunday. So pop in and say hello!!

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3 thoughts on ““12WBT Restored My Life After Breast Cancer”

  1. I too am struggling with anti estrogen medicine and have also put on lots of weight. I’ve done 12wbt in the past, and am wondering if I am setting myself up for failure, by going on a new round, paying $200 and not losing any weight. I’d love to hear how you are going. Did you sign up and did you lose weight??? I’m older than you and I had a really hard time of it last year.
    I’ve spoken to 2 women who took themselves off the medicine because of weight gain but I think that is VERY foolish, and there’s no way I want to revisit the hell of operation, chemo and radiation, if there’s a way to help prevent it.
    Gaye, Dromana

    1. Hi Gaye – We suggest that you seek medical advice from your GP and perhaps see an Accredited Practising Dietitian to discuss with you one-on-one your medication and your options. We certainly think you can lose weight with 12WBT by following prescribed Meal Plans and following the Exercise Plans. For some Members on medications leading to weight gain, it may mean a slower rate of weightloss than for those NOT on medications BUT with focus on eating nourishing meals and moving daily, you will get there. We would love to have you on our Team.

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  2. Hi I am recovering from breast csncer. I had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation and have been put on anti-estrogen medication, which slows your metabolism. I have put on 6-7 kg since my operation despite exercising and I am frustrated. I am determined to be fit and fifty and not fat and fifty. I am very keen to do the 12wbt but am curious to see if there are any cases of others who have been placed on the drug Tamoxifen and doing the 12wbt who have managed to lose weight. Please get back to me asap as I really want to do this 12wbt and register before 16th March. Regards Lynette

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