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12WBT: weight loss and world records!

So you know that the 12 Week Body Transformation helps people lose weight, change their lives and do things they never dreamt possible, but did you know that 12WBT members are the proud holders of a world record?

In Melbourne to celebrate the end of their participation in a round of the 12WBT and over 50,000kg lost, Michelle and 1165 12WBT members smashed the existing Guinness World Record for the most people participating in circuit training at a single venue. The previous record was just 317 and these men and women showed just how far they have come and how much their health has improved by taking part in the history making group workout.

Breaking a world record!

Chris, Guinness World Records Adjudicator said: “I’ve witnessed many great record breaking events around the world but this ranks in the top three. Few have been as successful or as full of smiling record breakers as this one. They’re hot, they’re happy, they’re healthy and now they’re record breaking heroes.”

“I am so proud of my 12WBT family – not only have they lost weight, transformed their lives and become the best version of themselves possible, but they have made history and smashed a world record as well,” said Michelle. “Every round sees us strip thousands of kilograms off our members and change their lives for the better, and I can’t wait to help even more 12WBT members smash their goals!”

If you want to improve your health and change your life for the better why not visit to find out how?


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4 thoughts on “12WBT: weight loss and world records!

  1. Ive just registered too! When does the next round start? I’m really keen to get started!

    1. Welcome to the team Jess! Warm up has started now – this is when we get you to make small changes in your life and exercise! Preseason starts on the 22nd October and the round kicks off on the 19th of November! Summer here we come!

  2. I have just signed up and a little scared, but excited. Here’s to a new me by Christmas

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