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9 Tips To Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

The Spring season is the perfect time of year to rip off those extra layers, dust off the trainers and warm up the old fashioned way! As the days get warmer and lighter Mother Nature calls us out and invites us to move a little more.


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Here are 9 ways to Clean up your Fitness Routine


  1. Embrace Nature’s Energy –

If you’ve been in a gym or training at home get out in the fresh air, I know it might be a little colder but that lasts a maximum of 2 minutes when you’re out there moving and grooving. Whether it’s running, cycling or grabbing the laptop and doing one of our 12WBT workout videos out the back, just embrace nature.


  1. Work on your Weakness –

Most people have their favourite style of workout (cardio, strength, stretching), and this is the one they do well and often. So your goal is to figure out what energy system or muscle group you’ve been avoiding, and then rip into it so you can then change your middle name to ‘Total Package’.


  1. Set a Challenge –

This could be a fun run, walk or swim. Whatever it is, just make sure it’s out of your comfort zone. You can do it with a friend, family member or just that little voice in your head that says ‘I know you can do it!’ These challenges can take your motivation to a whole new stratosphere!


  1. Switch Up Your Focus –

For many people their results come down to your body’s gravitational pull towards the earth’s core aka your ‘Weight’. While this has its merits this Spring it’s time to change your focus from “That Number on the Scales” into that number of: Burpees you can do in a minute, the amount of weight you can safely squat 10 times, your 1km walk or run time. Whatever it is, make it a performance goal rather than a weight or size goal.


  1. Find a Buddy

This one change can be the difference between exercising five times a week or zero times a week. No one likes to let out a buddy, so make a plan with your reliable friend to keep each other accountable. Research also shows that training with someone makes us work that little bit harder. It will also significantly increase the quality of your buddy’s life.


  1. Know Yourself –

If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve tried one, or most likely many diets, workouts and/or programs to try and achieve your goals. While you may not be at your ‘Maintenance’ stage yet, I bet you’ve learnt a lot about yourself, what does and doesn’t work for your current body and schedule, with this knowledge and awareness I want you to follow a plan that you know works for YOU.


  1. New Outfit –

I’m all about the ‘Goal’ outfit such as a new pair of jeans or a fancy evening wear, but the new outfit I’m talking about is a training outfit or shoes. Having new shoes or outfit can give you that boost you were needing. You can lay it out the night before so it’s staring at you when the alarm goes off. To make it even more effective try combining the new outfit with no.8…


  1. Workout Playlist –

Spend a few minutes making a playlist of your favourite workout tunes. It  might be classic ballads from your childhood or the latest Ariane Grande mix. Whatever gets your adrenaline going can turn an average workout into an awesome one!


  1. Make it Fun –

While a bootcamp workout might burn 1000 calories/hour, if you dread going to the second session it’s pointless. Find an activity that you genuinely look forward to and then gradually turn up the intensity. The magic formula to achieving any goal is consistency, and for that to happen it has to be suited to your personality & current lifestyle, and not just your physical goal.


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