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12WBT Flashback: Inspiring Success Stories


@Weekaka has the right idea!

My week of celebration continues as we mark ONE MILLION KILOS LOST since 12WBT began back in 2010.

This week is all about celebrating my rock star 12WBTers that have achieved things that are nothing short of MIND-BLOWING. Today we’re taking a trip down memory lane – I want to share some videos I found from a few years back. These three amazing women are totally kick-ass!


This video from 2011 shares Ange’s incredible 12WBT adventure – what an absolute legend. Her journey from 110kg, severely obese with blood pressure through the roof to 40kg lighter, dress size down from size 22 to a 10 and most importantly a fit, healthy and happy Ange!


Tanja’s transformation is one of those stand-back-and-say-WOW moments. She admits that before joining 12WBT “food was my poison of choice”. Through hard work and dedication, Tanja lost 69 kilos, became a personal trainer and made the Top 14 in my Round 2, 2011 team.


In just 12 months and 3 12WBT Rounds, Heidi shed a whopping 62 kilos. But that wasn’t all. She challenged herself in ways she never thought possible, completing fun runs and races and the infamous Tough Mudder. She’s one seriously tough mother!

Show Me How You Get Healthy

Our ‘More than a Million’ competition is going off the charts! Earlier in the week I asked you to show me how you get healthy on Instagram, and to tag your posts with #1millionkg and @12WBT. There’s still time to enter and have the chance to win a prize pack worth over $1000!!

Here are some of the entries so far:


Princess Chooky


Lianne Rowlinson

On Saturday I’ll be celebrating more of my 12WBT members, so stay tuned! Get involved and read some more success stories on our ‘More than a Million’ page.

Sign up to my June Round and be part of the next million kilos!


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